Achieving Personal Peace and Professional Success

Surviving Life’s Storms

 Storms can arise at any time when you are on the Sea of Life.

You do not sail the Sea of Life smoothly. Storms strike—often.

From squalls of suffering to soul-sapping super storms, you will inevitably be battered and sometimes you will be bruised by Life’s trials.

Relationships. Careers. Health. Finances.

Storms can disrupt your voyage from any direction, at any time.

But you cannot calm the storm. You can only endure if you are to survive—or even thrive.

Lessons from The Pink House will provide you Safe Harbor from Life’s storms by helping you to Set Your Sails for the right direction. You will achieve personal peace no matter your circumstances by accepting God’s will and following the course that He has set for you.

Lessons from The Pink House Creator Jack Manilla testifies to how God has directed his personal life and business direction, helping him to overcome financial and personal crises.

Manilla has survived “super storms” that have left him destitute and directionless, as well as bereft and hopeless. He has achieved personal peace amidst storms that have included businesses failures and the near-death of his son.

2015-08-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-boat-beach-landscape-leeroyFinancially shipwrecked and set adrift, Manilla was rescued, transformed and enlightened by the Lord, during an 18-month stay in “The Pink House,” a cracker bungalow in a Florida orange grove. Only upon surrendering control of his life to God and developing new habits—the Lessons from The Pink House—did he achieve personal peace and professional success.

Manilla eventually moved to Jacksonville, Fla., where he founded Portofino Pools, the leading post-build full-service provider for commercial and residential pools in Florida. A licensed contractor, international consultant, trainer and instructional designer, he now serves on numerous community, church and professional boards.

Manilla balances strong outward-looking entrepreneurial talents with inward-focused spiritual values, integrating Biblical principles into his business and his personal life. A purposeful entrepreneur, he helps people achieve personal peace and professional success by applying Lessons from The Pink House in their lives.

Lessons from The Pink House will help you:

  • Learn humility;
  • Give thanks and praise;
  • Dream It;
  • Believe It;
  • Ask It;
  • Receive It; and
  • Do It.

You can find peace in the storm. Let’s sail!


Jack Manilla’s “Finding Strength in the Face of Adversity” Podcast.

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