04 Oct

“Secrets of The Pink House” is the story of Florida businessman Jack Manilla, who lost everything because he chose to make the right decision and not follow his co-worker down the path of embezzling money from their company.

Jack was forced to start over. He lost his homes, cars, everything material in this world.. but not his hope. Inspired by his faith, Jack transitioned into a new way of thinking and dealing with his problems, and 18 months later, became owner of a pool business, Portofino Pools, now one of the most successful in Florida.

Jack’s story will inspire those who think they might have lost it all, and will give them practical steps to help re-focus and re-tune their lives to find a better definition of “success.”

Some of those steps include:

  1. Serve Others

    “Before I got into the pool business, I was all about me, myself and I. I learned the hard way that being selfish and only caring about your needs will not get you very far in life. In fact it can destroy you. Whatever your industry, whatever your business make it a top priority to truly serve your clients and industry. It may seem like you do not have the time to do so, but you do. Embed service into your life. In helping others you will be helping yourself.”

  2. Have Gratitude

    “The grass will always seem greener on the other side but stop and reflect on what you do have. It’s a good reminder when things get challenging and makes you thankful for loyal, good, hardworking people that support you through it all.

  3. Be Humble

    “If you want to be successful, check your ego at the door. Nothing provides you with a bigger reality check than starting your own small business.  If you think too highly of yourself potential clients will get turned off and there goes an opportunity to grow your portfolio”