Business Operations Scoring System

A business model created for high-performance results.


A unique employee self-management approach to work that provides accountability with responsibility in a fun game-like environment that appeals to multi-generations.

It provides:

  • Organization structure, processes, procedures, and creates a unique culture that drives peak performance results and a major employee motivator, a reward recognition component.

The Issue -Growing a business requires different skills and assets than starting one.

Florida Trend, Magazine, January 2018, Miami-Dade by Rochelle Broden-Singer:

“Miami, Florida ranks tops nationwide in startups but near the bottom for scaling up.

Why the discrepancy? Growing a business requires different skills and assets than starting one, says Jason Wiens, the foundation’s policy director, ‘Entrepreneurship is not a monolithic thing.”

The area generates many startups because it has many immigrants who decide to start businesses after seeing opportunity in south Florida’s growing population and its easy access to customers in Latin America, Europe and the U. S.

Growth, however, ‘is not about an idea but execution, not a standout individual but a cohesive team, not creative chaos but structures, processes and procedures’, says Jacqueline Sousa, regional director of the Florida Small Business Development Center at Florida International University, which helps businesses expand. Many entrepreneurs are not interested in making that shift, and others can’t, she says. They may lack management skills or be unable to find experienced senior executives because Miami-Dads is dominated by small firms.”

The Solution -The B.O.S.S.©

Organization operating results can be helped by adopting The B.O.S.S.© management approach. It helps motivate employees to grow and improve results. It drives performance forward impacting a company’s bottom line.

The B.O.S.S.© does this by creating and managing a high-performance culture. It is a leadership led employee self-management approach to accountability and responsibility. It provides organization, structure, processes, procedures, culture improvement and employee rewards.

The Concept–Like Competitive Rowing – A winning boat, called a shell, consists of an 8-person crew rowing together under the direction of their coxswain (Team Leader) to propel a boat forward to the goal by moving the oars through the water on both sides of the craft.

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