Jack Manilla


As a teenager, Jack Manilla knew that he would not be stuck in a Western Pennsylvania factory town forever. Raised in a blue-collar family that inspired big dreams, Manilla worked to pay his college tuition and then rapidly climbed the ladder to corporate success, acquiring earthly possessions the American culture coveted: multiple homes, boats, cars, country club memberships and expensive furnishings. Fame and fortune fed his ego.

Then in 1994 the American Dream became an agonizing nightmare when he made a decision that lost him everything. Financially shipwrecked by a storm on the saltwater sea of life, he washed ashore at Safety Harbor, Florida, living in an orange grove cracker bungalow.

After being humbled and broken during 18 months in “The Pink House,” Manilla was ready to follow God unconditionally. He attained personal peace and professional success by integrating spiritual values and Biblical principles into his business and everyday life.


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